The verb IR means "to go".
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Use of IR
Ir is a verb of motion. The preposition a must be used with this verb. If a is used with the masculine definite article el, it contracts to al.
Voy al cine.
Voy - I go      a - to      el cine - movies (movie theater)

Vamos a + infinitive also means "let's". (Vamos is the nosotros form of IR).
Example: Vamos a comer. - Let's Eat

Use of IR in Future (Going to)
Ir is used in the future as one would use "going to". To use Ir in the future, use a form of ir + a + infinitive.

A form of ir + a + infinitive has to be used in this order.
Example: Pepita va a cantar mañana. - Pepita is going to sing tomorrow.

Special Notes
One may use Voy a ir a México mañana. Just make sure the ir + a + infinitive rule is used.

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