The verb TENER means "to have".
Tener is an irregular verb. (Click on the verb to see its conjugations)

Use of Tener
TENER has different uses.
1. to express what one has
2. to express age
3. to express being/having certain feelings or emotions
4. to express what one feels like doing - (tener ganas de)
5. to express what one has to do - (tener que)

1. Yo tengo un carro blanco. - I have a white car.
2. Tú tienes diez años. - You are ten years old.
3. Él tiene hambre. - He is hungry.
4. Nosotros tenemos ganas de cantar. - We feel like singing.
5. Uds. tienen que hacer la tarea. - You (pl.) have to do homework.

Notes: Tener ganas de must be used together. Tener que must be used together.
An infinitive verb must go after tener ganas de and tener que.

tener frío (m) - to be cold      tener calor (f) - to be hot
tener sed (f) - to be thirsty      tener hambre (f) - to be hungry
tener sueño (m) - to be sleepy      tener miedo (de) (m) - to be afraid (of)
tener razón (f) - to be correct      no tener razón (f) - to be wrong
tener suerte (f) - to be lucky     

Special Notes:
Do not use the indefinite article after TENER unless there is an adjective.
Do not use the personal a after TENER.

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