Uses of Personal A
The "personal a" is used before the direct object when it is for one specific person or for a group of people.
1. Use before ¿quién? and ¿quiénes? when they are direct objects.
2. Repeat the personal a when more than one person is mentioned.
3. Also use the personal a when the direct object is a pet.
4. Do not use the personal a after the verb TENER.

1. ¿A quiénes buscas? - Who(m) are you looking for?
2. Busco a Pepe y a Juanito. - I'm looking for Pepe and Juanito.
3. También busco a mi gato Mico. - I'm also looking for my cat Mico.

Special Notes:
If using a + el, remember to combine them to al. This will not affect the use for feminine nouns.
Use only when the direct object is a person or a pet (animal). Also use personal a with a proper noun (cat's name is Mico).

What is a direct object?
   A direct object is the person or thing that recieves the action of a verb.

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