Las Preguntas y Las Palabras Interrogativas
¿Cómo? - How?
¿Cómo es? - What is ___ like? ¿Dónde? - Where?
¿Cuál? - Which one? What? ¿Por qué? - Why?
¿Cuándo? When? ¿Qué? - What? Which?
¿Cuántos/Cuántas? - How many? ¿Quién? - Who? Whom?
¿De dónde? - Where from? ¿Quiénes? Who? Whom?

Other words/phrases:
¿Con qué? - With what?
¿Con quién? - With who(m)?
¿Desde cuándo? - Since when?
¿De qué color? - What color? ¿De quién? - Whose?
(note: if answering with more than one person, use de before each. ex: de Pablo y de Ana)
¿Sin qué? - Without what?

How do I make questions in Spanish?
   Usually, you will use this format:

  1. Question word (if any)
  2. Verb
  3. Subject (person or thing being talked about)
  4. Any other information or words in a sentence
Except for questions asking the quantity or amount of something. Ex: ¿Cuántos libros hay?

What's with the upside down question marks?
   Spanish uses them to let the reader know to read the statement as a question (inflection). Also, Spanish does not use the words do or are as question words.

What is inflection?
    It is the change in pitch of voice.

How do I type the accent marks and upside down question and exclamation marks on my word processor?
   There are several different ways. Go to for the how to process.

Are the accent marks and upside down question and exclamation marks required?
   Yes. Sometimes such as in titles or all CAPS the accent mark will not be present.

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