Beautiful is from the moment I was a part of you, unto the day I came into this world, you loved me not even knowing whether I was a boy or a girl.

Beautiful is when you decided to be my personal translator of all the words that I learned, meanwhile getting on to all of those who laughed at what they heard.

What a joy it has been to have my own personal cheer leader at my side, from the time I took my first step, to the time I rode my first bike.

Beautiful is the way you helped me get over all my fears, like when losing my first tooth, “Don’t cry,” you’d say, “look there’s money over here.”

Beautiful is the way you’d pretend to like my new hairstyles, knowing you wanted to redo them, instead you would look at me and give a smile.

To all the mothers in the world-you are beautiful.

© May 2005, l. pérez